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Hi All,
Considering buying an X260 XF 3.0 Petrol Supercharged. Seems the best drivetrain to go for as a cruiser and I'm not keen on buying another diesel. Looking for minimal trouble motoring and hear most X260 issues are electrical. Can you share your experience on what do I need to look out for when buying? Are these cars reliable; would you buy for your spouse?

In particular:
Reliability - How reliable is this car in general? I want something which just works without too many hassles. Last thing I want is to be stranded in the middle of nowhere or the car doesn't start after being in an airport carpark for two weeks, breakdown etc.

XF Battery - Do you have electrical problems where the root cause is the battery? I've seen threads where the battery (less than one year new) drains low and the solution to charge/replace it. If you are charging - how frequently do you do it and for how long - Every night/overnight?
I only have on street parking so connecting to charge battery overnight is not an option (I want to buy 3L petrol not an ev)!

Sunroof issues - Leaking or mechanism replacement a common issue?

Electric windows - Squealing windows on close. Is this common or expensive to fix?

Reverse camera - I've read camera image can deteriorate over time with the image fogged up on infotainment. Assuming its the camera and not the infotainment screen, how easy is reverse camera replacement?

Many thanks!
...and hopefully I've posted in the right area.
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