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I have bought 2 of these supposedly wonderful Jags!!

Both are the 2.7 D one luxury (wifes) and one Premium Luxury (mine).

I am stationed in Germany with work and am lucky enough to be able to buy these cars tax free.

My Wife drove her`s from peterborough to Osnabruck 600 miles colected on March 14th Lovely looking car with the upgraded 18`s but looking around it i could see a big score in the drivers side rear brake disk. 100 miles later one appeared in Passanger side rear.
Both rear disk have been replaced under warranty.

Now things get far worse!!

I picked up my XF from Marshalls in Peterborough 14th april. Drove to Channel Tunnel then across France Beligum Holand and to Mochengladbach in Germany were i had a metting the next day I covered 405 miles of motorway. I started the car to drive to work the next day and it displayed restricted perfomance having had this sort of message in other cars i turned the car on and off three times to no avail. So i drove three miles to site and called Jaguar assist. They were very helpfull. I told them whast the message said and they informed me they would send a tow truck. The truck arrived and took me to The Jaguar Dealer Ship in Mochengladbach.
This is were my nightmare starts. The service desk manager a Mr Merk was wery rude and refusesd to look at the car as its warranty was not yet disp[laying on the jaguar international warranty register. This csan taske up to aweek afret your car is piurchased. So basicaly they refused to lend me a car so Jaguar Uk had to hire me a Merc C Class. A week later they look at it and say they need a new fuel injection unit and that it is on back order. I am flying to the States the next day for 16 days and i agree to give hire car back and they ensure me the car will be delivered to my local dealer in the time i am away. A week latter i get a call from Jaguar Assist telling me that the car is having to have a new Engine!! it will be ready for my return. I get back cars not ready Mr Merk at the Dealer Ship in Mochengladbach has been Avasive and abusive to my local dealership on several occassion. I then have a go at Jaguar my self for the poor customer service. They then supply me a Merc E Class and tell me the car is also having to have a new turbo and complete exhaust system including Cat. The car arrives about a week later.
Having no Faith in the garage at this point i check round the car including checking fluids. The Brand New engine is bellow the Minum marker on the Oil and my front Bumper is damaged were it looks like someone has stood on it while working on the engine.

In the first 35 days of ownership i only had my XF for 1 complete day!!

Now my ack brake disks are scoring like the other cars did.

Case on going!!

If this is a car that is going to save Jaguar they need to get there act together!!
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