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I've been reading up on the climate control on the XF. It seems to be very sophisticated indeed. This from the Jaguar UK site:

The XF´s climate control system is as sophisticated and as beautifully packaged as every other area of the car. It is a fully automatic system, with air particle and odour filtration, auto-recirculation , humidity control and automatic window demisting. And the dual zone system incorporates individual cabin temperature control for both driver and front passenger.
The auto-recirculation intrigued me. Does anyone know what this actually means? I had a 5-Series with the advanced climate control that sampled (i.e. sniffed) the air and if it detected a bad smell (like a diesel car in front of you! ;) ) then it recirculated the air automatically until the air outside was free from offensive odours. I wonder if the system on the Jag XF is similar?
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