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Hopefully the following info/situation will serve someone on this forum with a better understanding of their Battery Not Charging issue.

Had the above msg appear, battery tested fine at 14.8 output whilst idling. Slightly higher than expected parameters . Alternator replaced with Lucas unit 14 months earlier when same Battery Not Charging msg appeared.
As battery is 7yrs old in Mar ‘’22 I opted for a new battery (Halfords 019AGM).

Battery msg didn’t go away after replacement. Arranged for DualBrand Jag specialists in Liverpool to have a nosey.

Turns out the excessive amount of water ingress into the boot (assumed via the air vents behind the light units) corroded a fuse tray located underneath the aux battery which in turn sent false negatives to control system (BSM or ECM can’t recall). Once the fuse tray was replaced and a water escape hole drilled in boot floor as the water ingress point could not be replicated/confirmed) the Battery Not Charging msg disappeared.

However, the garage was unable to start the car with new battery which was fine before I took it in. The original battery was placed back and enabled the stop start to work…. All a bit strange and I’m now left with a 4 day used £184 stop/start battery which I cant return As terminals have usage marks on them!!

Used fuse tray and installation was £600. 2 days from start to finish. Happy with that!

Also had driver’s door lock mechanism replaced (was hoping it was also fuse tray related but alas No) which was affecting the other doors being in sync.

All in all £840 charges, great service and all is well 2 weeks on. Highly recommend DualBrand (Vauxhall Rd)
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