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Hi, I have a 2017 (67) XF and currently plug my iPhone in when I get in the car to use apple car play. I just have the cable trailing out of the top of the arm rest but its a bit in the way and Id like to do something a bit neater.

Its probably really simple but I don't want to just go pulling at things. Is there an easy way to remove the cubby from inside the arm rest so I can thread the USB cable from inside the arm rest and beneath the plastic trim on the side so the cable comes out hidden at the side of the seat. Id then just run the cable towards the front under the radio and put a small clip to hold the cable there.

Even better would be if I could just plug in a wireless car charging mat but then I guess id lose the ability to car play. Ive seen wireless CarPlay adaptors but as far as I know none of these work with the 2017 Jaguars? Does anyone know any different?


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