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Jaguar launches integrated campaign for new Jaguar XF2.2D

A campaign has launched for Jaguar’s new XF2.2D, targeting business professionals and SME businesses.
Bristol agency EMO has created the integrated campaign for Jaguar, with 58,000 qualified SME business prospects set to receive a premium mail pack, designed to incite desire among business professionals for the new Jaguar XF 2.2D, and prompt consideration for it as their next company car.

Jo Hall, account director for Jaguar at EMO, said of the execution of the new campaign: “We have pushed the traditional Jaguar tone-of-voice and created a more daring style of messaging. This is to grab the attention of this wider audience who may previously have felt Jaguar was beyond their reach.”

The direct mail campaign is both centrally managed and dealer personalised, with mail packs directing the recipient to their closest Jaguar dealer.

Recipients are driven to visit the newly developed corporate pages on their local dealer’s website, and will also receive a follow up call from their local dealer. As the vehicle will not be available for delivery until September 2011, EMO have created a ‘Keep in Touch’ programme for respondents who express interest following the initial campaign. The programme will see EMO create a bespoke follow up email campaign which will be tailored according to response.

Nick Davies, managing director at EMO, said: “The local business market represents the overlap area between personal choice and business decision. The senior professionals and business owners are extremely busy individuals, making it all the more important to deliver a campaign directly relevant to them. The challenge lay in creating and executing a campaign that would grab attention, generate excitement and deliver rational substantiation all in one. I believe this campaign addresses all these needs and more. ”

The direct mail campaign will be supported by press advertising (both national and regional), local dealer website activity, online advertising and email campaigns. The national SME online display adverts will include a within-banner dealer look-up function, to go live in June 2011.
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