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Can anyone recommend a good isofix car seat for the XF? I currently have the Britax Duofix Isofix fitted but it sits very far forwards on the rear seat so my daughter is constantly kicking the back of the front seats. Due to the attachment it sits a good 3-4 inches farther forwards than necessary.

Jaguars own recommendation looks like the same seat?

Anyone got any good advice here?

I m fine for a 3 year old an up as the Britax Explorer fits fine and sits a lot farther back.



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I am sorry that you have not had a response from users to your request yet. However, if you search the forum you will find that there has been discussion about this previously.

One of which is :
http://www.xfforum.co.uk/forum/viewtopi ... 2576#p2576

You will probably know that posts generate advertisement headings and your post generates an advert for Graco seats which are mentioned in the post above. A further search produces the link below which may be a solution; worth a look anyway.

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