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Recently bought a 2019 plate XF Sportbrake with lot's of toys but realised it doesn't have wireless phone charging nor can I find it as an OEM option.
Not the end of the world, I can plug the phone in, but where do I put it??

Almost zero space for a phone under the arm rest where the USB ports are and a pathetic hole in front of the gear selector which necessitates a long cable from the arm rest.
Who designed this car? Cell phones have got larger not smaller. I didn't have this problem on my 2010 or 2014 XFs.

I'd like to add a wireless charging pad but can't decide where to put one - or if there is enough space anywhere.
I'm not keen on wires all over the place.

a) Where do you XF drivers put their phone whilst charging them?

b) Anyone retrofitted a QI Wireless charging pad?


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