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XF FX wrote:
pekem, could you whet my apetite and post a piccie of your XF showing the Chrome vents...yours is the closest for a match to my chameleon - something I havent actually seen yet other than the online 'build a car' which you cant add accessories to anyway (and colour realism is cr4p) I have put the car together in mind but have no real-life pics to go on.....pppuuurrleeease

Done at:

penultimateblack wrote:
I think Pekem's car is actually black, with a touch of reflected light from the greenery. :lol: :lol: :lol:

So could it be that penultimateblack has picked the wrong colour since he acknowledges that my car is Black and if I want to change its colour I just need to move it into a different light :lol:
Now its greenish, but XF FX, please note, it has on occasions displayed the entire gamut of green but never yet the one that Jaguar offer on their web site when you build it yourself :lol:

Here it is in a different Black :lol:

Note the bottom picture shows the Xirallic® particles which produces a lighter body colour, greater colour intensity and a more powerful lustre than most traditional effect pigments
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