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No news from JLR - as per the last several years.

BUT, the actual civil war that is being fought - Civil War II - is fully germaine to JLR, as if Faction 1 triumphs, it has zero chance of surviving, whereas if Facton 2 wins, it has a chance - albeit <1%.

The War is being fought with 99.9999% of the population/plebs in blissful ignorance - perhaps as little as 1,000 lay people, those not involved in the hand to hand bloody combat - see below - realise is happening at all.

The latest big development, is the fightback, strike back, of Faction 2 - with the 'outting' of Gove - as if anyone with a brain and a scintilla of sense didn't know that he was a 'loud and proud', flamboyant homosexual - obviously his 'wife' did - after 20+ years of 'marriage' - Tories, ultra-cynical scum - surely not.

The Tory Party has more beards than a Shoreditcher hipster bar, and we're not talking men.

'They', Faction 2, and their top level spooks on-side, obviously knew Michael's 'secret'.

Today, last night, they set off this landmine. Gove is the last human shield to Spaffer, after they took out Halfcock - another stud-muffin - no woman safe from lover-boy Mat - right.

Gove is/was not the target, as nor was Halfcock.

Faction 2 know that the also stud-muffin, no woman safe from being impregnated at 500 yards, 'Boris', is vacillating like a quivering jelly - one minute: 'open up on Jun 21st', next, 'close it all down for another month', then, 'open it all up, no restrictions from July 19th', and then, 'no, I've change my mind, Whitty's heavies and that lesbian at the Yard have been on my case, and reminded me of 'certain files', and I want restrictions to continue, even though we're opening everything up' - Schrodinger's cat was more decisive than 'man of steel', Spaffer the Spineless.

Faction 2 knows this, and that Spaffer has once again caved to a tiny amount of pressure brough to bare by the 'Gimpocracy' - Quacks, 'Scientists', 'top' Plod, bureaucrats, apparatchiks of all kinds - whose common denominator is their jobs/incomes are fully secure from a collapsed economy, and they all have all the charm and grace of Cholera, and would starve to death in an open, free society, with a genuine market economy, where their 'talents', 'charm' and wits would see them out of the gene pool in a few months max.

Faction 1 fought back this week to the taking out of their frontman, 'Stud Halfcock', and then the kneecapping of Whitty, by Dick's brave LGBTQ+ crack rozzers decisively charging a 'man' with assault, five days after the event. Try that as a real person - got to a central London park, attack a top system lackey/functionary/apparatchik, ands count the seconds before 4-6 obese/roided Plod have you on the ground, and your neck genuinely being knelt on, unable to breathe.

Faction 1 summoned up the courage to fight this Faction 2 action - the frighteners on 'Science' gimpman Whitty.

Then, late Thursady/yesterday, Man of Steel Spaffer announced that the restrictionw weer staying - past Jul 19th, indefinitely.

This was too much for Faction 2. Within hours, 'happliy-married' Gove, was announced to a 'shocked' world as an open, life-long homosexual.

Also, of course, that like Lover-boy Halfcock, he'd broken all and every rule he had dikated to the Peasantry, on pain of huge fine or up to 10 years in prison, for the 'Pandemic', which of course he, Halfcock - ripping off his Union Jack knickers gimp mask as he would go INTO No.10 - Spaffer, and all the 'Elite' know is a scam.

Faction 2 knows this will further destroy the peasants belief in the whole Lockdown bollox, and all the theatre that goes with it.

BUT, what the Gove thing is really about, like Halfcock;s defenestration, is about putting the frighteners on Blubber Boy, Spaffer.

Spaffer, the thick useless [email protected] he is, must know that 'They' have files on him even he doesn't know about - drinks like a fish, blacks out, etc.

He knows that Gove was his last human shield.

Spaffer is not a 'loud and proud', flamboyant as Halfcock, and certainly not Gove, but he did got to boarding schoolf from the age of 5/6, and Eton was/is notorious for '*******' - dosdomy of younger boys by older boys/members of staff.

'Boris' the image, with the whole media, is the opposite of the truth - serial womaniser, etc.

Look at the women he supposedly 'beds'. No, me neither - 'not if the last woman on the planet', etc.

His only passing 'looker' has been the Carrie woman - ok-ish. But she is his handler, minder. Her 'beau' is not stud-muffin 'Boris' - who probably hasn't seen his wedding tacke for 30 years - but her 'best friend' Harry Newman - and very likely father of her child.

'They' all know this - and far more - about 'Boris' - the 19 stone five year old, a classic beta-male mommy's boy.

If Spaffer continues to bend and buckle to the Gimpocracy, the BMA, Quack establishment, weighing in this morning on Perpetual Lockdown - quelle surprise - and kick these power-loving, power-tripping weirdos, like 90%+ of 'doctors', the 'scientists', LGBTQ+ plod like Dick, the vast majotity of the media, into touch, back into their boxes, of useless, overpaid, made up jobs, misfits, weirdos, talentless [email protected], then Faction 2 will have to take out Spaffer himself - dish some of the mountains of real dirt they have on 'red-blooded Boris' - er, not.

Spaffer wanted the job, now he has to make a grown-up decision - decide finally for Faction 1 or 2, in this Cvil War.

If F2 loses, JLR is dead. Perpetual Lockdown means the collapse of the early-summer Car-buying/binging bubble - already begun, but July 19th as lockdown-continuity means 90%+ of plebs, even the rich ones, will give up hope, like the Soviet Union of the 1970s.

That's the real news. It's fully germaine to JLR, more so than any bilge printed about batteries or gigafactories by the likes of the Daily Mail, as the result of Civil War II will decide how and if JLR continues.

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So Spaffer has changed his mind again - Masks Off - after 24 hours earlier the 'Downing St spokesman' saying it was defo Masks On from the 21st.

Hard to keep up with such a Man of Steal, the Glorious Leader.

He obviously got a message - or his carer Carrie, with spaffer blacked out - from Faction 2 - 'you do remember we have mountains of dirt on you, "Lady-killer Boris"?'

The clown will probably flip again, before the 21st, but F2 has the real deal - the stuff that would make even make the braindead plebs in the Red Wall lose their breakfast over what 'elites' like Spaffer really get up to - so he will toe the line eventually, whatever the gimps, weirdos, power-tripping freaks in 'Medicine', 'Science, 'The Law', and the Media instruct him to do.

So there's a sliver of hope for JLR.

Of course, getting some semblance of a working economy back - after the Pandemic bollox of 18 months - also gives a shot in the arm - pardon the pun - for everyone else, besides JLR, and EV is still flavour of the month, with JLR the least able of all makers to take advantage - the Plebs may start to doubt the Plandemic thing, but they're still entirely wedded to the Green/CAGW thing - until perhaps the coming winter, when ice, snow, huge powercuts finally wake them up.

The Great Unlock - Spaffer's blackmail/defenestration - could actually speed up the end of, for JLR, as Middle England and the middle class world races out and buy Green cars

Diesel 'Icons', £70-100k, seem to be JLR's only, last lifeline. How long can that last? The EQS SUV and BMW iX are due in just a few months. The price of fuel, if anyone hasn't noticed, is going up 1-2p a week. Psychologically, £1.40/litre would be a real barrier. £100 to partly fill up your tank, becomes a real problem, even for those living in supposed £1-2 million houses, and 'the company' picking up the fuel bill. Same in the US, $5 a gallon or more is now routine in JLR's only real sales area, California. Spending a $100 to fill a Full-fat or RRSport, will drive flush Americans into the arms of the likes of the BMW X5 45e, or the EV Lightning F-150, or whatever - just not $100-fill 'luxury', pain in the a$$ cars.

Launching the 'New' Range Rover, with the 25 year old AJ-V8, a near 3-tonne car, with the latest emission restrictions, would give 10 miles or less per US gallon.

JLR knows this, hence the delay/pulling of it. The BEV version won't be available for 18 months minimum. What are they going to do in the meantime, with the pedo-led regime in the US deliberately jacking oil and gasoline prices so that everyone less rich than Jeff Bezos is forced into PHEVs/EVs?

The media don't cover this. They think, hope, that JLR is immune from these realities - 'exceptional'.

They think that JLR can sell cars to monied-morons forever, even with oil at $100, and gasoline at $6/gal, and all the competition offering viable EVs.

But then the Media and The Punditry, and JLR's army of paid shills, don't live in the real world, because they don't have to, hence haven't got the first idea of what is about to hit JLR, finish it off - rising oil/gas prices, and a torrent of large, luxury EVs, especially SUVs.

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Just returning from the big Jaguar bash at Bicester decided to come home via the old A41.As I passed JLR Gaydon witnessed 4 Polestar cars emerging from the main gate in convoy all with OY registrations and set me thinking if some sort of collaboration is afoot with JLR and Volvo for the next generation of electric cars?

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Just returning from the big Jaguar bash at Bicester decided to come home via the old A41.As I passed JLR Gaydon witnessed 4 Polestar cars emerging from the main gate in convoy all with OY registrations and set me thinking if some sort of collaboration is afoot with JLR and Volvo for the next generation of electric cars?
More likelihood of being hit by an asteroid, or winning the Lottery.

Volvo is on a roll - pardon the pun. About to be IPO'd for major money. Polestar 3 is apparently the bees knees, and the whole 'SPA' range is about to be replaced - XC90 gen.3 due end of this year.

No. It wil be product comparison cars, bought by JLR. I don't why they bothered. Polestar 2 sets no benchmark - Volvo/Geely would be the first to admit it - same of course with the sister car XC40 BEV.

But they both sell, in big numbers, so I suppose JLR felt oblidged to pick them apart, and find the 'secret sauce' - there isn't one.

Or, it could just be 'Saigon 1974' days, where mid to senior managers at JLR are spending money like water, knowing it's all over - so what the hell - have a bit a fun, jollies driving around the Warks. countryside, in the English 'high summer' - cos there's bugger all else to do - spaff ~£250k on a quartet of 'engineering comparison cars' - it's only UK taxpayer money after all.

JLR is leaderless, rudderless, as I've said over and over. The fish rots from the head, and even fairly low JLR staff can see that the regime is imploding, and that sets the tone for the underlings, so anything goes, and chaos reigns - and besides, 'It'sComing Home' is on - get p!ssed and forget about anything beyond July 11th.

This is the real big news, for JLR, its future, which it very likely hasn't one after this:

'Discounts and exemptions

Currently, only vehicles that meet Euro 6 standards (petrol and diesel), that emit no more than 75g/km of CO2 and have a minimum 20 mile zero emission capable range will qualify for the 100% cleaner vehicle discount.

From 25 October 2021, the cleaner vehicle discount will change so that only battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are eligible.'

- that's a real bombshell, a Claymore landmine under JLR's last real income stream - 'Icon' is already evaporating - idiots spaffing £70-100k on dinosaur diesels, or real-world 15 mpg petrols, which they think will appreciate in value - with fuel headed for £1.40/litre - f'ing certifiable.

JLR is reliant on the UK for at least half of its genuine 'global' sales, and on London, central London, places like Kensington&Chelsea, and limousine/livery services, for which the Congestion Charge is key - to avoid it - for around half of that, but way more profit-wise, as the 2018- Full-fat and RRSport twins, in PHEV, have alone kept JLR somewhat buoyant.

Hooray Henrys in Kensington and so on didn't buy these PHEVs for their amazing real-world EV 10-15 miles range, or there equally amazing sub 20 mpg when driven at speed on the puny 2-litre Ingenium engine alone, hauling up to 3 tonnes loaded, but for their Con Charge exemption - see above - and for their Green virtue-signaling to their equally dim mates, and for the lower BiK.

The pulling of the Con Charge exemption for these ridiculous, 10-15 miles 'electric' PHEVs, which are nearly alway driven on ICE, has finished, ended, destroyed JLR's last, real, very lucrative income stream.

From less than 3 months away, those ridiculous behemoths will have scrap value.

The gap caused by this step-change rule change, by khan's mob at TfL, no doubt under pressure from The Treasury to boost income, to pay off some of its multi-billions debt/shortfall, will be filled by BEVs - obviously - but JLR has only The Gamechanger - for the foreseeable, perhaps as much as 2-3 years - and no one, unless a midget, will take a livery, limousine service in the back of that thing.

The gap will be filled by a tiny number of Model Xs, a few E-tron and EQC SUVs, but almost certainly moreso by the then just being delivered BMW iX - what sweet timing - and the apparently to be revealed in Munich in Septemeber at the IAA Merc EQS SUV.

JLR is destroyed by this change.

Why hasn't the Media picked up on this, made a big, big deal of it, shouted it from the rooftops? Because, a) they're too lazy - they don't do work - and b) those few who do realise, actually read something, do some digging once in a while, realise, with bowel-loosening ferocity, just what it means for their beloved JLR, their nice livelihood giver, school fees etc - total disaster.

It doesnt matter that Spaffer, before he's thrown out for the next puppet, is about to spaff £5bn or so at Tata - 'JLR' - under cover of the 'gigafactories' bollox.

That'll last till about Bonfire Night, or just a few weeks after Khan loads the final bullet into the chamber, and aims at JLR's head - no EVs, goodnight Vienna.

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'Bolloré’s comments hardly rank on the scale of being a Gerald Ratner moment – or, to pick a parallel closer to home, the much purported if not confirmed arrival of a self-styled multimillionaire eco warrior at the heart of the electric car revolution to a conference at the JLR chief Bolloré must strike a fine balance in rebooting Jaguar wheel of a diesel SUV'

- Senile Biden would be embarrassed by that word salad.

The real story here is even Holder is freaked out by Bollore. He, without saying it explicity, of course, plainly thinks he's nuts, his actions almost that of an agent, someone determined to finish Jaguar, and JLR, off.

His 'anonymous commentary' is really the launch of a campaign to get Bollore out.

They, Holder, Autocar, Haymarket, many of the JLR mid to senior managers, want him out, so are doing this sotto voce 'briefing' - just like the darkest arts of Politics - spin merchants, SpAds, Cummingses, Mandelsons, etc.

Chaos reigns at JLR, as I've said. Bollore came in and was horrified at what he found. He is slashing and burning, obviously determined to kill the culture of 3rd-ratism at JLR/the Brtish motor industry, the appalling, world's worst quality, production AND product quality - awful devlopment by JLR's '13,000 engineers' - when they're charging Porsche prices, and kill the pretence of 'Jaguar' being a thing and alive, and is now encountering fierce resistance, with Holder/Autocar becoming the spokesman/mouthpiece for Le Resistance.

'Jaguar' is dead. Bollore finished the pretence off. There is no 2025 rebirth. He had to do that nonsense to get round open and immediate resistance, nay, rebellion and mutiny, by the JLR senior cadre, and their Media pals - Holder etc.

Now it's out in the open - hand to hand combat engaged.

Next we may get a briefing that Bollore is 'tired and emotional', needs to take a break, etc - i.e. he's loopy, needs a padded cell, etc.

It had to end this way - basically a war, collapse of JLR, massive recriminations, people losing it all round, and no doubt the real war being fought over who was to blame - all the scum were - mercenaries like Speth and Bollore, the '13,000 engineers', the lying, covering up Media, total lackeys and lickspittles, who only cared actually about getting the kids through private school, and... the Headbangers - who refused to stop buying what were in effect 1970s Soviet Ladas, for 5-10 times the price, and so got this nonsense stumbling on, way past its natural lifespan - Land Rover died under asset-strippers BAe in the 80s/90s, was resurrected by BMW's money and Reitzle's determination and skill in the 00s, and Jaguar died under BL in the 70s, and likewise was resurrected by Ford and Bill Hayden.

Tata, or rather Ratan Tata only bought the long-dead J and LR because his mate Bhattacharyya tipped him off to how much money Ford, and BMW before, had poured into them, and how much they could milk the UK taxpayer for, with 'research' at his gaff - his private fiefdom at a British public university.

The plan must surely have been to cut and run, pump and dump, splash and dash, 5 years max after the 2008 purchase, when the Ford funds and product legacy would have been fully dry, and flog it on, or IPO it.

That WAS the plan, with back in 2012 time a mooted, floated, trial ballooned JLR IPO, of ~£30bn, by its media and 'academic expert' pals - on its payroll.

The morons started to believe their own lies however - JLR really was world-beating - and so they pulled the 2013 IPO, and held it. The rest is history - where we are today.

The turning point, from the Cut and Run, 5 year max plan, was the Evoque. Its enormous success, selling genuine up to 150k/yr running rate by late 2012/early 2013 made Tata pull the IPO.

The clowns were bitten by their own greed and stupidiy - the Evoque Effect thing was not a Midas touch, but the exception that proved the rule - selling an unremarkable, already aging car to morons for double what the underlying car warranted - a 2006 Freelander.

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Hyundai(-Kia) on a tear - unreported by the media - 9% of the UK market - way past 'home makers' Ford, Vauxhall.

Meanwhile, 'most successful thing in the world evah!' Land Rover/Range Rover, has fallen from the dizzy heights of around 5% of the UK market - BS, padded up to 100% by self-registers etc - to just 2% - TWO PER CENT!!!

They - SMMT-JLR-Media - will, have blamed 'Chip Shortage' already.

How come these 'special', JLR-only? chips didn't affect a blistering sales growth Hyundai? Or Audi - sales up nearly double in June?

Land Rover's sales have collapsed, beacuse they've run out of idiots to pay £70-100k for 'Icons', either diesels that will be worth tuppence when the obvious ban on all diesels is introduced in a year or so, maybe less, and petrols that do 15 mpg, and have the durability of a chocolate teapot.

Sales of £80-100k+ PHEV Full-fats and Sports have gone off a cliff, because limousine, livery, and savvy 'business purchasers' - cars for private use bought through companies - have twigged that thesw will have residuals of tuppence ha'penny in a couple of moths time - the loss of exemption of the London Con Charge.

Besides those two things, Land Rover has ZERO EVs - BEVs - which are the only things selling, besides stuff like Porsche GT cars, to monied petrolheads/car enthusiasts - Taycans, E-tron GTs, some Polestar 2/XC40s, very highly spec'd EQCs/E-tron SUVs.

Who right now is rushing out and buying £50-nearly 100k Velars, or Evoques, or DSports?

No one was buying the Disco5 anyway.

'Chip shortage', my backside.

Jaguar sales held up because of all the .Gov purchases of the I-Pace - NHS, Whtehall, etc.

As i've said, hundreds of time, 'Jaguar' is and never was the problem - because it was already dead. 'Land Rover' was, and certainly is now, THE problem.

Take away the lucrative sales of the Full-fat and Sport - driven primarily over the last 3 years by the PHEV, for the Con Charge and BiK, and what have you got? F all.

A rag-taggle of nothing - ancient Evoques/DSports - same car - and the shrunken Sport - Velar - which if yo have that kind of money, ~£70k, you try to buy a Sport.

The Disco5 may as well be stopped - same car as 'The Icon' - even the dimmest has twigged that.

'Land Rover' is the Full-fat and the Sport - same car. Take that/them away, and there's nothing.

No BEV Range Rover - the real one - and 'Land Rover'/Range Rover dies - and it's happened, with the London Con Charge change.

Bollore knew that JLR didn't need a BEV XJ, it needed a BEV Range Rover.

He was obviously shocked and appalled that nothing was in place, happening, to make this so.

He was 'Mr Electric' at Reanult, and knew whch way the gale force 12 wind was blowing - EV or die.

He probably lost it, blew a fuse, let rip on his reports, other fairly senior managers, and now is probably loathed by the JLR old hands - for telling home truths.

British people do not like to be told home truths. They prefer to be soft soaped. They believe they and their country are special - 2 world wars, 1 world cup, never invaded in 1,000 years etc.

All bollox of course - Bonny Prince Charlie could have marched on London unopposed from Derby, and the Dutch gave the Royal Navy several bloody noses, sailing right up the Thames, etc, etc.

He told them the long overdue truth - 'what the hell have you been doing?' - and now they hate him.

Unless Bollore, or those Bosch contract consultant engineers in Germany can magic up a BEV version of the 'New' Range Rover in 3 months, or less, to fend off the iX and EQS SUV, it really is time to put up the 'For Sale, all offers considered' sign on Solihull and Gaydon.

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VW, thanks to the ID.3/4 and Golf 8, UK's by-far biggest brand - something else hell will freeze over before the media that tried to kill it with Dieselgate reports.

God, how that must hurt them, eat like cancer into their bones - VW/VAG's huge resurgence, resurrection, when their No.1 job was to kill it, bury it.

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Those new Autocar articles make it easy... one picture and one sentence from a comment there:


"That publicity image is hilarious, can't believe they used that."

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Stuff like this is why Brauetigam walked/was fired, and why Bollore is losing his rag with the halfwits and deadbeats - '13,000 engineers' - at JLR:


- JLR's sales have collapse, lamost nothing in (decent, good value)PHEV/BEV-obsessed Sweden.

57 registrations - probably just half that real sales - out of a market of probably around 25,000 real sales.

Unacceptable, unviable, pathetic. Northerly Swedes should adore 4x4s/SUVs, and premium to very expensive ones, in a rich country, but they've totally rumbled JLR - a purveyor of massively overpriced, unreliable/dangerous tat - hence effectively zero sales.

The Media would once again blame the Chip thing, like they blamed Brexit a couple of years ago, and The Scamdemic last year - never that people, outside of UK Headbangers, have wised up to this fraud operation.

Most other makers saw big YoY rises. Where do their chips come from? Outer space?

The only shortage of chips in JLR is when Cropley and Fatboy Saunders turn up to do interviews, and the canteen has to close.

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Brexit, Scamdemic, Dog Ate My Homework, now Chip Shortage, to explain JLR's 2016- collapse:

Tata Motors Drops 10% As JLR Warns Of "Greater" Chip Shortages In Q2

er, no.

'JLR' - Land Rover - is the only maker with no EVs.

That's the reason.

Even Jaguar had a bounce in the UK in June on the I-Pace - fake sales to the NHS, Govt, and a few Homecounties Ultras.

What's really happened though is Bollore has pulled the emergency cord on JLR's insane fake sales, which has been going on since its implosion in early 2016.

Land Rover has suddenly dropped, the bottom fallen out of it, in its main/only, real/substantial market, the UK.

This is not 'Chip Shortage'. This is Bollore trying to put some discipline into the vermin who used this fake selling to cover up JLR's collapse five years ago, and continued it since.

That's why Brauetigam 'walked' - was told to walk or he'd be sacked.

He, Brauetigam, and of course Speth and Mardell, oversaw this huge fraud - 'selling' as many as 100% more cars than real, actual, by massive self-selling - all those 'Ox', 'Vx', and now 'Kx' plate cars, cars 'lent' to VIPs, cars given at massively below cost to rental firms, cars to 'royalty', Whiethall, etc, etc.

That was what made JLR appear solvent, buoyant, to the idiots who swallowed it, since its collapse 5 years ago.

Now, Bolllore has read the Riot Act, realisng there's only a hair's breadth between continuing to pull this off, and someone in authority discovering a spine, and arresting them all - not Dick van **** of the Yard of course.

There's a change down Gaydon way.

As well as Bollore doing his shocking - to Autocar's Holder and the ther gravytrain vermin, who benefit from this massive, chronic JLR fraud thing - 'JLR is sh!t, its reliabilty/quality a joke' - he's obviously puulled tha plug, called a halt ot most of this 5 years at least mass fraudulent 'selling'.

I can't believe Tata has okayed this - Ratan and the clan in Bombay.

That leaves the explanation that Bollore has gone rogue - bit like Butschek at Tata Motors, no longer being able to stomach what Tata/Tata Motors were up to, and so 'stayed in Germany due to being unable to get to India in the Pandemic' - he legged it.

Maybe Bollore hasn't got much time. A man with little to lose is a dangerous thing.

If he has gone maverick, expect his sacking, 'resignation of health/personal reasons', very soon.

I can't believe it's a master plan of Tata/the Tata clan, to slim JLR down to the size they want, which they think can be IPO'd.

If Bollore follows through, 'JLR' will be: zero/no Jaguar, and just Full-fat/Sport and the Icon.

That could, might work, to sell it, but it would mean the closure of most of JLR's production, and around 25,000 direct job losses, and the collapse of the West Midlands-based supply base, upt to 250k job losses - and so the West Midlands - it has already, 40 years ago, but Mayor Street and co. would not be able to hide it.

UK.gov would never sign off to this.

The closure of Halewood alone would literally cause a riot.

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A deluge of new product from everyone but JLR.

Goodwood FoS(2021) should surely have been the showcase for the quick, SVR/SVA version of the 'New Range Rover' - like the stunt of driving the doors off the F-Pace back in 2016 - literally, it fell over.


Five years on, JLR's stuntery and Stunning Success seems from a different lifetime, almost like Spitfires over the White Cliffs.

To crown this epic fall from the stratosphere, the supposed Vapourware thing from the man-in-a-pub is almost ready to deliver the final, killing blow, and the arch, no.1 propaganda tool for JLR has to be the one to deliver 'the good news' - because shekels beat principles - they're called hacks for a reason - work for anyone, do anything for five bob.

'so that's what a euro pallet wide opening looks like':


- 'if it can take me and you, lass, it'll double the Icon's payload'

- so that's what an Icon looks like':


You just know the bobblehead greenlaners, genuine 4x4 enthusiasts, and rich, sem-retired fifty-, sixtysomething blokes, looking for a new toy, are going to lose their minds over this - 'where do I sign?':


- it's a bloody G-Wagen - the original - with a BMW I6, for god's sake - up to £100k should be zero problem.

As Felix Brauetigam would say - 'Icon', my ar$e'.

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The BMW Q2 sales figures are in, a new record high.
- and?

What relevance has BMW got to JLR, per se?


Volvo can have its sales reports here because back in 2010 they were both Ford castoffs, and similar in size.

Volvo's genuinely stunning success illustrates how JLR and the Media lied about JLR's - a systematic, huge conspiracy to deceive the public and commit fraud.

But BMW was always relatively huge, an order or two bigger than JLR, even at JLr's 'peak'.

Now that the nonsense, 'Big Lie' again of JLR-Media on 'Partnership', 'Jennifer', and 'common EDUs', plus other engine supply, has been exposed - due by the fact of their non-happening - putting something for BMW here is as relevant as putting something from Toyota, or PSA, or Great Wall China.

The only relevance, direct bearing BMW has to, on JLR now is that its dispatcher, the thing that will finally send into the next life, six feet under, pushing daisies up, is powered by a BMW engine - the Grenadier.

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A picture enough on its own to bring out cold sweats in owners of 2-litre Ingenium Icons especially, which cost them up to £70k or more, thinking about how they'll pass them onto the next fools in 6-12 months without taking a huge loss:


- 'from just over £45k including VAT, for the 2-seat commercial version', so presumably around £50k for a base 5-seater - a near half-price G-Class.

Those owners and Bollore and co. at Gaydon this morining must have been bricking it, when they saw the pics and the first price information. '"I-con-ed" mugs out of £70-100k' indeed.
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