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8 weeks in now and nearly 3.5k on the clock – still loving the car mostly for its looks but that’s why I bought it!

Still get those stares from people - what car it’s that and especially in France I never saw another XF the whole time I was there!!

It’s also a wonderful drive I want to drive it at every opportunity it’s a car that needs to be driven.

On a practical view as its serves as my main and the family’s main car it’s actually well fit for purpose – took my wife and two children 4 and 13 plus bikes down to South of France it cruises so effortlessly even with bikes on top! The car ticks most of the boxes for me.

The car has been faultless so far in every way (hoping I’m not temping providence).

The best bits for me:

• The way it looks and feels
• The way it drives – power handling and acceleration especially S & dynamic mode
• Still relatively rare on the road – not just another Beemer or Audi

The few negatives (minor)

• Colour I chose Ultimate black blo…..y difficult to keep clean and mark free
• Fuel economy (probably the keen way I drive it) averaging mid to high 20’s overall
• “Quality” or perhaps “strength” of finish and/or materials use not quiet as good as a BMW IMHO
• Comfort of seating on long journeys could be better

A fabulous car never the less and will be difficult to top next time


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It is certainly great to find that the XF is a "head turner" still, even though it has been out for coming up to two years. :)
I suppose that we should not complain about fuel consumption figures, if a comparison is made with a car of the same size made about thirty years ago, but I am wondering when my Portfolio consumption will better the figure I achieved, on average 35 mpg, in my old 2.7.
Maybe I need to put a few thousand miles on the clock, at present it is averaging the mid thirties. :(
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