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Thought I'd share this piece of info...

I was speaking to the manager at my local dealership on Friday and he told me that Jaguar have just made available an 'Interior Pack' option for the 3.0 litre diesel XF'S'.

He stated this consists of the XFR seats in softgrain leather (minus the embossed 'R' logo), with full 18/14 way electric adjustment, heated and cooled.
Also included is a new wood finish - 'Piano Black', previously not an option for the XF.

Now he did say it was only available for the 3.0 litre diesel 'S' and I didn't question him further on the other models as that's what we're having.
Unfortunately I can't confirm all the leather colour options either, other than it is available in Ivory and with the portfolio trim level. Sorry, I was just too relieved to hear that this option was finally available, having found the sports seats on our S Type so good!!!

Anyway he's enquiring with Jaguar if we can still specify the 'Rich Oak' wood finish with the new seats as I don't particularly want the 'Piano Black'. Who knows though with some of Jaguars previous flexibility around their options??

Oh, and the bad news....£1500 (Ouch!!) mind you we're yet to negotiate :D
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