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The full brochure can be downloaded here: http://www.spires-st.com/assets/Spires_Press_Pack.pdf

Details of each element will appear as seperate posts.

Spires S:Series

S:Series stands for Sport, giving Jaguars a modern, sporting edge. The S:Series product range is designed as a modular system, allowing parts to be combined as a whole or simply by selecting individual elements.

S:Series products release the sporting potential of modern Jaguars whilst complementing the original car’s sophistication and ability to indulge and reward the driver with comfort and performance. Our products remain refined yet add an individual and sharper edge to the looks, performance and driving experience. An owner of an S:Series equipped car will look forward to tackling their favourite back road as much as the daily commute to work or long distance travel.

Spires Jaguar XF S:Series

The Jaguar XF S:Series system consists of five elements:

• 20” Pro Race alloy wheels
• Sports tuned springs
• Sports tuned dampers
• Sports tuned quad exhaust (diesel only)
• Engine re-map (diesel only)

Each component has been developed carefully to complement each other; sports springs that subtlety lower the car and stiffen the chassis, which can be matched with our dampers that maintain comfort and increase body control. For the diesel, an engine re-map liberates 251 bhp allowing the tautened chassis to be exploited to the full. A sports exhaust adds Jaguar R-branded style and a sporting tone to the soundtrack complementing the enhanced performance given by the re-map. Finally, 20” alloy wheels accentuate the XF’s sporting style and improve dynamics due to their 9J width and lightweight.

The XF’s terrific styling has been left unchanged except for the addition of a standard Jaguar accessory rear spoiler. Combined with the lowering from the sports springs, the 20” wheels filling the arches and the quad exhaust the XF S:Series has real poise. Next to a standard car our XF looks dynamic and edgier, and delivers the promise of genuine sporting intentions.

The S:Series pack has undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure it meets our performance targets and OE levels of durability. This has included development on the infamous Nurburgring in Germany to prove the chassis’s handling behaviour and body control as well as the performance gains from the engine re-map.

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