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I've stumbled upon a car company called Sono Motors, which tries to use crowd funding on the internet to get their car called Sion into production. It is a smal EV with solar panels charging the battery. Of course solar panels don't give a lot of charge. They estimate a daily charge of 6 kms in the darkest winter to 34 kms in the summer, if you live in Munich. For many people, that would be sufficient or at least a very good contribution of free charge for the daily driving. The car can of course be charged normally and has a range of 250 kms. Perhaps this is old news to some of you. The company has been working on it for several years. I just haven't heard about it before.

The company is founded by some idealistic young Germans, who want to do something for the environment and the climate but also to establish a new corporate culture. The car seems a little primitive, but they only have two (I think) prototypes. The finished car should be more "polished" so to speak. In many ways it looks like a city car, but it's quite roomy almost like a Golf as I understand. It has a lot of little practical details. It can charge another EV, so you can help someone who is stranded with no charge. It has a normal domestic plug, so you can use domestic appliances on a camping trip. And the car uses the solar panels to charge, while it is parked next to your tent.

Even though the car seems a little basic, the project seems surprisingly well founded. They have a lot of employees. Many of them are experienced people from the automotive industry, and experts in electric stuff and in business matters. They also have the production of the car arranged. They are going to produce it in the old SAAB factory in Trollhättan in Sweden, now owned by NEVS.

As for now they are trying to crowd fund €50 millions. They had a deadline for December 30, but only reached €32 millions. So now they have extended the funding period to January 20. A reservation for a car costs €500. You can pay more, if you wish. The final price for the car is estimated at €25,500. You can also donate money without making a reservation. They say, they will only ask you to pay, if they reach the 50 millions. And even if you make a reservation, you can say no to the car, when it is going into production late 2021, and you will get your money back. I think it is an interesting project, so I have made a reservation to help them realize the project. I'm not exactly left wing or socialist, but sometimes I think there are too many greedy oligarchs only seeking more money and fortune in this world. I think we should support people with good ideas, and why not put solar panels on an EV? That is actually very sensible.


Here is a video in English. Their own videos are mostly in German. The video is from early 2019, so some dates and other information are not correct anymore. They car has been postponed. They expect deliveries to start in 2022 now:

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