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I am aware of two specific updates, which are in no way thought to be safety issues, which ordinarily would be dealt with at the time of a service or inspection visit to the dealer. My understanding of the issues are:
1. K003 concerns the bonnet raising in the event of a crash event
2. J007 is connected with the seat belt "loop"

If the numbering of updates is sequential then it might be that there have been more but my understanding is that many updates that have or that might occur will not be of any great significance and should not concern anyone other than the technical people.

It might also be that other updates, the numbers of which I do not know, have addressed the issue of the auditory sounds, turn indicator and seat belt alarm, which were said to be outside of the small speaker's range causing it to fail. My understanding is that the volume of output of these warnings is reduced to bring it back within a safe range.
It happens that my speaker did fail and the result is that a new one is to be installed but that requires the removal of the instrument cluster; a big job :(
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