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Hello everyone, I am facing a problem with Jaguar XF 2012
All rotating vents were stuck on open and changing settings to Auto or Always Open didn't help. I tried pressing the manual button and closing them by pressing button on screen. Neither of those worked.
When changing secondary battery (Eco Start/Stop one) to new one I disconnected the main battery. After connecting everything back, I suppose car made system reset, and all vents closed down. Now they're stuck on closed position and can't open (tried same methods to open them as when they were opened).
If I understand correctly, their closing indicated that they can work, but something is preventing it from working correctly..

Additional information that I noticed:
• Tried to disconnect main battery two times for 15 minutes, nothing changed.
• No matter how much I drive, vents still can't open.
• Main battery and secondary battery charge while the engine is running is good.
• I'm not getting any air from front windshield vents even when windshield heating is at max.
• If the temperature is set to max, cold air is still blown

Maybe someone has experienced a similar problem and knows where the problem might be?
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