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Q1. The recent calls list appears to record upto 10 entries and then clears to empty... or am I doing something wrong. The phone has a list of upto 20 entries, if you leave the car and then re start causing the phone to re-dock then the list reappears, anyone see any similar behaviour or can explain how it should work.

Q2. Also are there any shortcut methods to selecting phonebook entries for regular numbers. The number of clicks/touches required to phone home, office etc is quite distracting. The best thing I can come up with so far is to put a "* " prefix at the front of the name and use the steering wheel button to prompt the phone list and then scroll up through to the numbers beginning with "* "....

Perhaps I should have had the Voice option but on testing it seemed unreliable especially at any speed...

BMW has a usefull 8 programable shortcut buttons - With the XF's touchscreen this would on the surface be a simple anmd logical extension to allow a section of user definable buttons for Phonenumbers, Radio Stations, Destinations etc...
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