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Today was a very hot day in the South East of England and I have to say that i've been very impressed with the power of the climate control in the XF. My car has been out in the sun all day and we've had a couple of long drives earlier in the day. The cabin was warm but not hot when we got in the car. I think the Ivory Leather helps to keep things from getting too hot in the cabin.

But the climate control cools the cabin down within a few minutes. I actually had to increase the temperature from 20 to 22 degrees Celsius as we were bit concerned that the cabin might be a bit too chilly for our baby on the back seat! Plus the chilly blast from the vents was cooling my hands a bit too much.

So, 10/10 for the climate control in the XF. It's the best that i've had in a car over the years. The BMW system was more sophisticated but didn't cool as well.
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