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Hi all, new to this forum and looking some advice/help! I did try to search for this problem but did not find anything so apologies if this is in the wrong place. I have a 2016 XF Prestige 2.0, x260 model. Last week it was driven through standing water about 6-8 inches deep and the power steering has failed. I am getting a warning message "Power Steering Assistance Reduced" but there is basically no power steering at all. I gather it has electronic power steering and from looking online it looks like it could be a really expensive fix. :cautious: as I was looking at the parts diagram and the full steering unit from Jag is over £2500! If anyone can give me any advice on potential things to look at that may not be full unit replacement it would be much appreciated.

It is in with the mechanic later this week but I have resigned myself to a big bill so worst case scenario if anyone has any advice on good websites for sourcing a second hand/non Jag unit that would be great.


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