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Orders need to be placed this week!

As promised last week I am now reporting the final deal available to Forum Members, which I am pleased to say is an improvement on the original.
Now, Fuel Angel will collect payment and arrange delivery direct to a member for an inclusive price of £39.95

Unit price £36 (including vat) and £3.95 delivery, total price £39.95 a 20% saving on recommended retail price.

To order, members will need to send a contact phone number and email.
Fuel Angel will contact you directly to arrange payment and delivery direct.

Answers to the questions raised:

Fuel Angel does not affect the filling rate or cut off when the tank is full.
The only small difference is that the penetration of the diesel nozzle into the filler neck is reduced but after a couple of fills users get used to the new depth.
Fuel Angel has been adopted and is in use by many Public Authorities and the Police Service. It is also supplied via Ford Dealers for use in Ford cars.

It is thought that existing tethers are usually connected to the filler flap or bodywork with a screw or plastic clip, which can be removed to allow the cap and tether to be removed as a single unit for later replacement if desired.
Fuel Angel does have a tether incorporated which is already fitted to the filler neck, below the cap.

A number of members have Privately Mailed me to take up this offer but in some instances contact information was not provided.
It is imperative that a contact phone number is available that Fuel Angel can use in order to arrange payment and delivery

Full story at:

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Regarding the original fuel filler cap and tether...
It is possible to remove the original cap and tether without cutting. Carefully prise away the small plastic clip by 3 or 4mm. Then carefully prise out the rubber locating pin on the tether from the fuel filler flap plastic arm.
You can then replace the original by reversing the procedure in the future if you wish to.
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