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Hello everybody,

Last week I took delivery from my XF 2.7D, a 13 months old demo-car owned by the regional Jaguar dealer which we have bought. It's fully loaded, see below for the specifications.

See more pictures at http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/

So a good moment to also subscribe to this board, big chance the first Dutch owner that's active on this forum.

I'm very glad with the XF, upgraded from a Volvo S80 (also a nice car to ride). After a week of driving it, you discover what attention it attracts. Funny was a lady in our neighbourhood who I don't know really well, who stood along the road and applauded when I drived along her.

Another story: I turned off the car, but heard music coming from the back. I checked outside, but there I couldn't hear it. It also wasn't my mobile phone. There is a dvd-set with headphones, but I haven't played any dvd's in the car yet. And the dvd system was turned off, so how could it play sound/music? But then I discovered it: one of it's headphones was turned on (one of our girls must have played with it riding from the dealer to home this afternoon). As the headphones is a wireless system, it must have picked up another sound source in the neighbourhood where I was parking (baby phone?). Weird experience...

Unfortunately I bumped with the car into a tree with the back, during parking between two trees on a parking place. A result of not being used to a automatic transmission and the right foot coordination. Some little scratches (on the paint, but also the plastic part below that), the dealer will no doubt can repair it easily.

I saw a little picture of the battery on the central display screen, I was afraid some battery of the car was draining as it became more empty after a couple of days. But now I discovered it's the battery of my mobile phone that's displayed at the screen. Nice detail of the Bluetooth system.

The audio/iPod works very nice, the B&W440 speakers/amplifier could have used more sub-low bass sound, but you can't have it all and it still sounds very okay for car audio. The navigation system is more complicated than necessary. I find the system of Volvo, which isn't the best of the world, more intuitive. But for the rest: the XF is a dream car.

Driving the XF is really great, I compare it more to floating than driving. The car does very well driving it in a smooth way, but when you need to accelarate, it also performs as needed.


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Welcome indeed to the forum mindbrother :)
I think you are right; Germany, France, Belgium are all represented here, and now The Netherlands :)
Very interesting story and I just love the bit about the ldy that applauded as you passed by her :lol:
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