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I moved up from a 13 plate Mazda 6, the Mazda 6 is a nice car, a halfway house to Jaguar if you will. It is a shame that not many garages know much about them, the Mazda dealerships are terrible themselves. Everytime I took the car in for a recall, it seemed to come out with something else wrong with it. So looked into a new car...

Just so over the moon with the new XF in racing green, also there seems to be a massive following, a big support network and many Jaguar specialist garages both independents and dealerships.

Im looking forward to going all over the place, if I have to admit my biggest worry is damage or parking in a bad area or areas where people just dont like someone else having something better, you know? So I am a bit cautious! Haha

I hope you all are well, for now I will be looking at front and rear dash cams and how to wire those in, secondly I may want to upgrade the alloys. Currenly 17" but unsure what size I can go to. Just to take off the grey ones and put on ones that match the green.

All the best!
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