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garyxf said:
After my visit today to solve an oil leak just been told its a drive shaft seal thats gone and as usual no spares are available so its order and wait and a 3 hour job. Question for you techies - would this seal have been replaced or moved during the diff replacement (its at the diff end). I have lost all confidence in the dealer and just starting to lose it with the XF. 860 miles and never a dull moment.

This is terrible. Have you considered contacting What Car?'s Helpline about your experiences? They can act as mediators and may publish your experiences. Dealers and manufacturers fear a mention in the Helpline section of What Car? Magazine. More info here with a link to email the Helpline:

http://www.whatcar.co.uk/news-special-r ... ?NA=215751

A phone call from What Car?'s Helpline to your dealer or Jaguar HQ will resolve matters, particularly in light of the current advertising campaign for the XF.
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