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Jaguar XF SE P250 R-Dynamic Auto
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It's been a long time since I last posted on here!! If you look in the archives my last post was in Sep 2010, when I'd had my first XF (3.0D S Premium Luxury) for about 10 months. I liked it so much that in the end I owned it for 6 years, which is a record for me. But I'm always looking for a change, so I went for a 5-Series next, which was fine but a bit soulless, then an Evoque, which we hated so much we went to trade it in for a new XF back in May last year, after only 2 years ownership If you want to know why we hated it, I'll gladly give details.

Anyway, we hit head-on into the chip crisis, so the car only finally turned up 3 weeks ago. The frustration of waiting was reasonably well offset by the fact that the Evoque's trade-in price had risen by £3,500 in the meantime, and Jag's prices hadn't moved at all. XFs are very good value at the moment, I think.

It's an P250SE R-Dynamic. Picture attached: hope you like it.

Just coming out of shake-down mode; about 700 miles on the clock, but loving it so far.

I have a few niggles & queries, which I'll post up later

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