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Does anyone have a stock pile of spares or a car they are breaking? I need a few minor trim parts and breakers on the web or ebay just don't seem interested in helping me.
1. Under the glove box there are rectangular trim clips that hold up the trim that goes from the floor up the bulkhead, i have one missing and the trim is falling down.
2. The boot lid (saloon) is bolted to the hinges and those nuts have plastic covers over them that look like nuts. One of mine dropped off and got broken when i shut the boot.
3. In the engine bay, drivers side behind the strut top there's a cover (maybe a fuse box) that has trim clips, i lost a couple.
4. The controls on the steering wheel for cruise and stereo etc have rubber 'tyres', mine are worn out. Maybe i have to change the full switch assembly.

I want to keep my car in top condition and original but i expect Jaguar would charge a fortune for these trivial pieces of plastic. Can anyone help?

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