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Hello All,

I experience a little problem with my XF last two days.
When I start the car in the morning, the touch screen remain off with the jaguar logo displayed, the same before we push start/stop button.
Thus no way to play radio or iPod nor bluetooth iPhone.
Each morning I have to take my son to school before continuing to office.
So I need to make a stop after 15km to leave kid at school, where I stop engine
When restart everything come back to normal operation.
This happened twice when temperature was low at night, so I suppose the screen crystal liquid may not like deep temperature.
Anybody experience the same thing ?

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Hi Zortech
Welcome again to the forum :)
Below is a link that doesn't solve your issue but it does show that others have experienced the same.
I resolved the issue by simply turning the Auto Dimming off via the settings in, I think, the SatNav. I also adjusted the contrast and brightness levels and have been happy ever since.
Having said that, I will probably find that tomorrow, when it is forecast to be very cold it will be as bad as ever. We will see :)
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