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Ive been searching the forum but can't find the answer so here goes:

Does anyone have a list of all the bulb fittings on the XF?

I would like to change the rear number plate bulbs and the interior bulbs to LED's but not sure which ones I need.

The only one I think I know is the rear number plate bulbs which seem to be W5W's

Can someone please shed some light?

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Hi DDX, I don't know if this of any help to you? Phil

Note: The tail lamp, stop lamp, rear fog lamps,
rear side lamps, side repeater lamps and high
mounted stop lamp, are LED units and are
non-serviceable. If any of these lamps should
fail, they should be investigated by qualified
personnel. Consult your Dealer/Authorised
Before attempting to replace a bulb,
ensure that both the affected lamp and
the vehicle's ignition are turned off. If the
circuit is live a short circuit can occur which
may damage the vehicle's electrical system.
Lamp Specification Power (Watts)
Halogen headlamp (Low and High beam) H7/H7 55/55
Xenon headlamp (Low and High beam) D1S/H7 35/55
Front side lamps W5W HCB 5
Front direction indicators PY21W 21
Rear direction indicators PY19W 19
Reverse lamps PS19W 19
Number plate lamps W5W 5
Interior overhead lamps W6WX 6
Footwell lamps W5W 5
Luggage lamp S10W 10
Tailgate lamps W5W 5
Glove box lamp W5W 5
Vanity mirror lamp 2 x TS1.3W 1.

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I'm pretty sure, that list is for the first generation XF MY 2008-2011. Your XF must be a facelift model XF MY 2012-2014. They had almost only LED's. I think on the outside, it is only the number plate lights, that are old-fashioned light bulbs. Of course W5W as usual. I did change those to some whiter ones on my MY 2012 XF, but not to LED's. I don't know about the interior lights. I don't have that car anymore, so I can't have a look. Which lights are you planning on changing?
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