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Get the spray cleaner from a Jaguar dealership. It's Gliptone cleaner spray rebadged by Jaguar. It's about the best you can get for a quick clean.

If you want to recondition the leather to better-than-new condition then buy the full-blown Gliptone Cleaner and Gliptone Conditioner.

I have the following products:

For a quick wipe down (this is the same as product as you get from a Jaguar dealer):
1 x Gliptone Liquid Leather Gentle Cleaner Spray - 600ml () = £5.99

For a full recondition to better-than-new:
1 x Gliptone Liquid Leather Conditioner - 1Litre () = £19.99
1 x Leather Cleaning Brush () = £1.99
1 x Gliptone Liquid Leather Intensive Cleaner - 1 Litre () = £14.99

You can buy these products from Elite Car Care and I spend a lot of money with them and recommend them highly:

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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