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Anyone wishing to keep their leather seats soft and supple may want to try Turtle Wax Platinum Series Essential Leather Cleaner. It's not the best leather cleaner around but it does a pretty good job. It around £5.99 from Halfords so not that expensive. A single bottle should last 4-6 full applications which should be 6-12 months.

It's a thick, white cream which you apply using a soft, lint-free cloth (a polishing cloth is ideal). Apply it sparingly to leather seats, leather trim on the doors and the leather on the dashboard. DO NOT apply it to the steering wheel! I would do one seat at a time.

Leave to dwell for around two minutes and then use a soft terry towel (not a microfibre cloth - a microfibre cloth tends to strip the finish on the leather) to remove the Turtle Wax cleaner and buff the leather to a nice finish. The leather should end up looking clean and not too shiny.

I did the entire leather interior on the XF today and the results were outstanding. The cleaner adds to the 'new car' smell and the seats were much softer and luxurious than before.

I mentioned not to treat the sterring wheel - it may become slippery so it's dangerous to apply a leather treatment to the steering wheel. Just use a slightly damp, soft, lint-free cloth (like a polishing cloth or a terry towel) to clean the leather on the steering wheel.
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