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The car experiences judder through the steering wheel, only when braking
Suggestion to resolve this please 馃槉

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You have either brake pad deposits on the rotor (more likely) or warped/out-of run-out rotors (less likely).

You can take the car to an open/lightly traffic rd and attempt to smooth out the rotor deposits:
1 - First warm up your brakes by a series of 5 moderate brake applications from 60MPH to 30MPH at about .4-.5g
2 - Drive for a couple of minutes.
3 - Perform a series of 10 heavy braking application (just shy of engaging ABS) from 60MPH-15mph in quick succession.
4 - Drive the car for 10 min with no brake applications for the brake to cool off.

If that does not improve things you will need front brake replacement.

Good luck.
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