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I am delighted to announce that we have now finalised the details of Jaguar’s invitation to forum members to attend an event in Castle Bromwich on the 6th July 2011.
It will be a day of great interest for us all. The day will start in the Theatre from 09.30 with a presentation from Jonathan Walls, Jaguar XF Product Manager.

Jonathan Walls

Jonathan is the custodian of the model in all markets and it will be his great pleasure to introduce the new 2012 XF, the facelift model.
Then from around 10 - 10.30 we will have the opportunity to tour the factory and see the car production lines.
This will be followed by lunch as guests of the Jaguar Heritage Trust Museum at Browns Lane Coventry.

Click above for the Museum and shop

Tony O'Keeffe, the Curator, Jaguar Heritage Trust Museum has arranged a buffet lunch at the Museum and has also very kindly arranged with Anders Clausager , Jaguar Heritage Chief Archivist and author of very many books detailing the history of Jaguar Cars among many others, to agree to host our afternoon and talk to us about Jaguar's heritage.

You will recall that members were invited to express an interest in attending this event here and we had over 100 of you say that you wish to attend.
Not every one was able to make the month of July, although as Jaguar noted it was the most popular, and for that reason it was chosen.
Sadly, it will not be possible perhaps for as many to attend as have indicated their wish to do so, Jaguar have had to cap the number at forty.

My own view is that it would be inequitable to allow members to be accompanied, except for those living outside the UK and are planning to incorporate the day as part of a family holiday visiting this country; we couldn't possibly countenance the scene of a wife or partner pacing up and down Castle Bromwich High Street or Browns Lane Coventry :D

Please confirm that it is still your intention to come along by just spotting the question above. I will use the list to reserve places and if we are oversubscribed again I will be able to allocate places to the next on the list if vacancies occur as a result of any cancellations.
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