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Morning All,
Sorry for the lengthy post…
Bit of advice if possible… got a 2.7 D 2009.
Jumped in it this morning to take the young ‘un to school (about 5 miles) restricted performance ad no DSC… obviously car wouldn’t Rev as normal. About half way to school, turned off at a roundabout and the car just died… started back up and there was a clunk / knock but away we went still in restricted…
Got back home and plugged into code reader and got these codes…
Cleared them and they haven’t come back as yet.

But whilst on the drive with engine runnning, notice a lot of smoke coming out of the vent under the windscreen on the n/s… popped bonnet and smoke seems to be coming from back of engine on n/s

Obviously from the codes I can see EGR / DPF issue… any other ideas what could have caused this? MAF / MAP / flexi joint?

It’s pelting down here, so can’t get under car at the mo

Car ran brilliantly yesterday


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