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Best car in the world:


- and best motive source in the real world, BMW's ICEs, whether diesel or petrol:

330i, 2-litre petrol, 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, braking of a supercar, and real-world mid 30s mpg - astonishing:


And are we really saying diesel is dead when this one can deliver such performance combined with over 50 genuine mpg in absolutely normal out-of-town driving with genuinely low CO2? It makes no sense to me.
And also another sign that the JLR reins are being loosened at Haymarket Media, in anticipation of needing new clients, with this gushing - rightly - review.

The new 3-Series is in a different universe to the XE. BMW managers were shocked by what they found at Rover Group in the mid 90s, but boy would there be fears for mass heart attacks if someone from the Quandt family was stupid enough to go near the Jewel in the Crown/English Patient again, 25 years, tens of billlions of investment deficit and further debased engineering competence on.
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