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This was about to happen given the low sales volume of Jaguar dealers. Andy Goss - JLR North America president - confirmed in LA during a sales meeting the goal to consolidate 245 Jaguar and Land Rover dealerships into 200 dual-brand dealerships.

The combine showrooms will maintain separate dual-brand areas but will combine operations and facilities, with more modern and larger combined space.

Driving the decision, in addition to dealership health is the fact that 45% of Jaguar owners also own an SUV and can benefit from brand exposure to Land Rover vehicles.

The first combined dealership has opened in Paramus NJ with 68,000 sq ft of space, with 20 more dealerships to combine soon.

I say it is a good move - something had to be done to keep Jaguar dealerships from going out of business.

Source: http://www.insideline.com/jaguar/jaguar-and-land-rover-merge-dealerships-strengthen-brands.html
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