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Last week was a week of good/exciting news for Jaguar. In addition to greatly improved US Sales, the announcement on the CX-75 go-ahead for limited production, Jaguar is getting attention from journalists around the globe.

Most of it is based on Jaguar invitation/hosting of jounalists at Whitley Engineering Center.

Based on that visit and meetings at the NY Auto Show, Autoblog put together a very nice 2-part feature story on the Future of Jaguar. It is very rare for Autoblog to put together these in-depth pieces. I didn't see any mention of it on the forum, so I'll share the links and excerpts here:

Jaguar: A Look Into The Leaping Cat's Future (from Autoblog)

Part 1: http://www.autoblog.com/2011/05/06/jaguar-a-look-into-the-leaping-cats-future-part-1/

Part 2: http://www.autoblog.com/2011/05/09/jaguar-a-look-into-the-leaping-cats-future-part-2/

-------- highlights --------
Some quotes from Hallmark and other product planners at Jaguar:

"The shift he has in mind is drastic enough that it will alter the placement of the cars Jaguar has right now. "We want to move each vehicle up," he said, "bring a whole new range of cars that sit where we are today."

Topside, that would mean "putting the XJ against the bottom of the Bentley Flying Spur." His pitch to that end: "We'll always be lighter and more agile than a Bentley." There will also be a top-tier offering that hasn't been seen in the range since 1996.

B95: Mr Hallmark seems to like the press to hear him thinking out loud, but if I read him correctly and he is serious, it looks like the XJ/XK/XF range will move way up-market, with the XJ positioned against the Bentley and so on. That being the case, the replacement for the XF (a mid-sized, mid priced car), is something new that is coming from below in size, engine, content, etc.

Curious as to your opinions on that. In the US, Jaguar has a brand image clearly above Mercedes, BMW, etc in the direction of Bentley or Porsche or Maserati. It is an all V8 line, etc. But in the UK, it seems that Jaguar, and the XF in particular, is simply a home grown/discounted option to the Germans (I may be overstating it).

So what does that mean? Can the XF of the future really be priced way upmarket from Mercedes and BMW? I think that will be tough. Can the XJ of the Future compete with Bentley? I think that is much easier. In my mind, the XJ Supersports is better than any Bentley sedan.

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