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As it's a Bank Holiday and typically tipping it down with rain here in the South-East of the UK, I thought i'd offer a quick zero-effort tip to see how well protected your paintwork is.

The clearcoat (lacquer) is the last barrier to grime that Jaguar provides you with for your paintwork. A lot of people put a coat of polish/wax/sealant on top of the clearcoat to stop the clearcoat from becoming thinner with wear and tear from grime and washing.

A quick visual check on the level of protection is the size of the water drops on your paintwork. Ideally, you want the size of the water drops as small as possible. This is known as 'beading' in the detailing world. The smaller the diameter of the water drops, the better the protection of your paintwork. As you drive off, the water droplets should run off the painwork with ease - that's another indicator that your paintwork is well protected. If the water droplets hang around, even at some speed, then your paintwork could do with a good cleansing and waxing/sealing.

If you have large puddles on your paintwork then, chances are, your clearcoat is exposed to the elements. This will result in fading and deterioration of your paintwork over time.

So, take advantage of the rain on this Bank Holiday Monday and see how well the water beads on your XF!
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