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Hi everyone, just thought i'd introduce myself.

I'm Sparky and i live in Peterborough, England.

I ordered a 3.0 Premium Luxury in Liquid Silver last week. I'm told to expect delivery in Mid November, i can't wait! :lol:

I've never been so attracted to a car in my life, and i've had afew cars, Merc's, BMW's, i even had a SAAB :eek:

Anyway, it's nice to see some feedback from you guys & girls, keep up the good work.

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Hi Sparky,
Welcome to the forum :)
Thank you for completing the profile section; it is always good to know where people are.
Your choice, 3.0 Premium Luxury in Liquid Silver, is very interesting because you will no doubt have noticed that there are a lot of "diesel heads" here ;)
We will all understand your motivation for buying a Jaguar and we well understand the feelings of longing you will be experiencing at present.
Not only have you got TV advertising of the XF to contend with, at present there have been reports of Poster Sites being given over to the campaign also.
Best if you drink yourself in to a comatose state for a few weeks and come round just before the day of the handover :lol: :lol:
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