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Well I for one haven't and in one way I am pleased. Yes, pleased because today it was like getting a new car. I was looking for confirmation that the boot did have a handle designed to assist in its closing. I could not find a reference in the manual to what may be that which some people refer to as the boot handle, see picture below. I have to say that if it is a handle then it must be thought to operate by tugging it down with sufficient force to generate a momentum that will allow gentle pressure being applied from the top to close it. I don't know; not very useful really.

However, it was really good to discover whilst flicking through the manual, that from new, March of this year, my instrument panel and the so called mood lighting was set at almost the lowest setting and this meant that when I turned it on full tonight, using the little thumb wheel under the dash, it was like getting a totally different car. Marvellous; the cabin was suddenly bathed in blue light and the control knobs on the main fascia, doors and the steering wheel, for the first time appeared distinct and colourful.
It has transformed the appearance of the car at night and if you have never tried to adjust yours I recommend you check it out straight away.
Better still; resolve again to read the manual :)
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