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Took delivery of my XF today. :D This was a shock to me, i was told i would get it next Wednesday. There i was, dreaming about next Wednesday when i would finally get the car, then i had a knock on the door saying that my Jag was here!

I couldn't believe it, thought about telling the delivery man to go away, he was early and i was too busy. That lasted about a nanosecond, then i realised exactly what i had just been told.......................... :eek:

Anyway, what a day. Went through the delivery procedure, blah, blah, blah, signed all the paperwork etc, then went for a spin. Wow, what a car, pushes all the right buttons for me. :cool:

I had to leave it at that (this was 12.30pm) until 4.30pm when i left for home, which is 42 lovely miles away, half of which are windy A roads and the other half dual carriageway. Glorious, fabulous, lovely jubbly, brilliant, and all the other words i cant think of right now. :D

I can't wait to have a really good look at everything tomorrow and Sunday, get to know all the bits and bobs, but from my experience so far it's the best car i've ever had, and i've left a Mercedes C280 in the car park at work, poor thing, just discarded like that......... :twisted:

I'll send some pics once i've cleaned it etc (it's a bit mucky from delivery and the drive home) and let you know how the weekend goes.

Joy, oh joy, oh joy oh joy :D :D :D
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