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Well after 1,400 mile the performance is still frankly dull on my 2.7d, so I have decided to go ahead with the DMS remap, for 2 reasons.

1. They replied to my enquiry, I emailed paramount and 2 weeks later no reply, doesn’t fill you with confidence!!.
2. Searching the internet they seem to have great consumer reports on forums, have no reports of the map being found by dealers, and have offered a remap to std if the car goes in for warranty or when it goes back to the lease company.

Before I get it done I wanted to get some sort of gauge for the performance now in terms of driving, so I planned the following (On a very quiet road!!) as follows:

1. 0-60, 3-4 runs (Same point on the road) to get an average, in S mode, measure using a speed detector set to alarm at 60 with a stop watch.
2. 30-70, 3-4 runs, in S, set the car at 30 on the Road Angel with the alarm set at 70. set the car in cruise to steady it. At the same point on the road floor it and measure the time.
3. Same as above 70-100.

I know that on different days the barometric pressure will be different and effect the performance, but if the remap is so subtle that I cannot measure a difference then it’s not work £800 is it. I’ll also try to get the same conditions, dry weather, temp, time of day, Air con off, tank full of the same fuel ect.

Just an idea, if the tests shows massive differences in the 3-4 runs then it’s obviously a waste of time, but if they are consistent then I will have some confidence in the process.

I’ll post the results standard and after the DMS on the forum.


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