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I posted these details of my detailing session on my own car forum today:

'Gawjus' got a good seeing to today. It was around 8 hours of hard graft in total but some of the work was done by my wife. She cleaned the inside - vac, Gliptone spray on seats and dash, Autogylm Glass Spray on the windows. She's put a very feminine air freshener in the car too. I quite like it. :lol:

I did the outside of the car as follows:

1. Wheels
Treated with Bilberry wheel cleaner. This is a new product for me as i'm a die-hard P21S wheel cleaner fanboy. This stuff is even better! I used a Raceglaze extra long brush for the insides of the wheel and a small sponge on the wheels faces. Rinsed off with clean water from a hosepipe with a spray head attachment (no pressure this time to see what difference it would make). The wheels are gleaming.

2. Wash
The whole car was washed with Duragloss 901 shampoo and a Meguiar's microfibre wash mitt. Then it was thoroughly rinsed with water from a hosepipe (not pressure washer). The car was dried with a Huge 38" x 28" Microfibre Drying Towel (from Clean Your Car). I managed to dry the car in about five minutes with this towel!

3. Clay
The paintwork was clayed using the Meguiars Smooth Surface Clay Kit (I used the quick detailer in the package as a lube for the clay - it wasn't that good to be honest, Meguair's Last Touch is much better as a lube). Doing one panel at a time, the quick detailer residue was buffed using a microfibre cloth.

4. Paintwork Cleansing
I used Sonus Paintwork Cleaner to cleanse the paintwork. It was applied using a Sonus SFX Pro Applicator and wiped using a microfibre cloth.

5. Paintwork Glaze
The paintwork was then glazed with Chemical Guys Wet Mirror Finish. This was applied with a Sonus SFX Pro Applicator and buffed with a microfibre cloth.

6. Wax
A single coat of Collinite 476S wax was applied. This is a hard wax and needs to be applied very, very thinly unless you want to spend 2-3 days buffing it off the paintwork! Basically, use a Foam Wax Applicator pad and dab it into the tin and then wipe over the paintwork of your car. If you can see the wax on the paintwork then it's been applied too thickly. Small sections were done at a time and the wax was left on for around two minutes before buffing to a high gloss shine with a lint-free polishing cloth.

7. Tyres
The tyres were dressed with Mothers Reflections Advanced Tire Care, applied with a tyre dressing pad.

8. Windows
Finally, the exterior windows were cleaned with Autoglym Glass Spray.

Simply astonishing! The depth to the paintwork is something I have never seen before. The paint looks wet with a very deep mirror finish. As I was driving the car afterwards to get some fuel, the number of drivers who slowed right down to have a look was incredible, as was the number of pedestrians who looked in admiration.

Bits I missed
I would have liked to have put a second coat of Collinite 476S wax but couldn't be bothered as I was feeling quite tired. Also, the exhaust tips were not polished but they look fine anyway. I just wiped them with a bit of quick detailer. Finally, I didn't seal the wheels. All of that would have taken another 1 to 2 hours.

Today's detailing session should be sufficient until late October when i'll do this whole process once again to protect Gawjus from the harshness of the British Winter. In between, the car will need a quick maintenance wash once a week or once every two weeks. In terms of 'why bother?', well, today's effort burned a similar number of calories as 2-3 hours of intensive workout in a gym would. Thus, I simply had a workout and have a nice, shiny car at the end of it. Now, i'm hoping my wife let's me drive gawjus again!
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