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Hi all thank you for letting me join.i have 2010 3.0d
My problem started just after lockdown last year. My key fob and spare just stopped working. Wouldn't unlock or lock and wouldn't even start in smart Dock.. Main dealer Wouldn't look at it as not a key worker ( delivering laptops/ computers to School all over the country didn't count). Managed to find a auto electrician with all the JLR equipment who reprogrammed the car but couldn't the get keys to work,only in smart Dock. he gave up after 10 hours. So I just decided that I could use the car by manually unlocking and using the smart Dock. Come into this year decided to get it fixed again. Found another independent JLR Specialist who had a go but to no avail still the same.
He came up with the car knows what fob you are using and which button you are pressing but that's all.
Things that have been replaced
Car battery
Fob battery's
New fobs
Roof pickup
All door locks including fuel filler
There are no fuses blown
All locks operate when using dashboard buttons as they should.
None of the button work on the fobs off which I have 3 programmed to the car. Eg headlights.
Whilst manually locking if the boot or door is open the car doesn't bleep at me.
Any suggestions Would be gratefully received
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