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I have a question for all those auto electricians out there...

In the owner's manual, under the DAB section, it will tell you that connecting any electrical accessories to the vehicle will/may affect the DAB reception.

Sure enough, I have just fitted an aftermarket DVD changer (Veba), TV tuner and headrest screens - very nice indeed - but when powered on I get no reception on the DAB screen.

All the new devices have filters on the +ve lines and I have connected both directly to the battery and via the fuse box, it makes no difference. I can have the permanent live feed connected with no problem but when connecting the switched live the reception drops out - weird.

There must be a way to keep it all working together so I'm sure it's just about the DAB being sensitive. Any suggestions are appreciated.

On a separate but related note, if anyone has figured out where to connect a switched live in the boot I would also be glad to know!
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