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I have a feeling that Jaguar has updated its website with new figures for the engine and performance (for the 2.7 diesel at least):

http://www.jaguar.co.uk/uk/en/xf/models ... hnical.htm

Engines: 2.7 Litre V6 Diesel

Cylinders/valves per cylinder: 6/4

Bore/Stroke mm: 81.0/88.0

Capacity cc: 2,720

Maximum Power PS (kW): 207 (152) @ rev/min 4,000

Maximum torque Nm (lb.ft.): 435 (320) @ rev/min. 1,900

Compression ratio: 17.3

Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Performance (manufacturer's estimates) 2.7 Litre V6 Diesel

Acceleration (0-60 mph sec): 7.7

Acceleration (0-100 kph sec): 8.2

Top speed mph (kph): 143 (229)

Fuel Consumption:

Urban mpg (l/100km): 27.1 (10.4)

Extra Urban mpg (l/100km): 48.5 (5.8)

Combined mpg (l/100km): 37.6 (7.5)

Carbon Dioxide emissions (g/km): 199

Tank capacity gals (ltr) approx with 5.5 ltr res.: 15.3 (69.5)
Unless i've missed it before, I have never noticed the 0-100kph figure of 8.2 seconds. That's 0-62mph which is the standard benchmark in Europe. I have previously only seen the 0-60mph figure of 7.7 seconds. The 0-100kph figure is very disappointing. The XF takes 0.5 seconds to gain 2mph! Also, have the Urban fuel consumption figures been lowered to 27.1mpg which is a bit closer to what i'm really getting (20-25mg)?

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Those are the same figures that have been published from the start.
I have exactly the same numbers in my brochure, which I picked up in April.
It does seem slightly sneaky quoting both a 0-60 and a 0-62 time, and as you say, 0.5sec difference seems a lot. I haven't tried to check, but maybe it changes up a gear at 61mph?

Of course, independent measurement (eg. What Car?) say 9secs for 0-60, not 7.7!

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