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A tip that may be useful to others too:
in my new XF I switched on the function for comfort opening and closing of all windows (and also sun roof if there is one) by pressing the OPEN od CLOSE button for 1 or 2 seconds. This function can be switched on or off via the touch screen menu.
But: The effect was: all 4 windows opened but only the windows at the drivers door closed.
To fix this I had to recalibrate the windows in the following way (excerpt from a downloaded manual):
Window reset
The windows will need to be reset if the battery
is disconnected, becomes discharged or power
supply is interrupted.
Reset as follows:-
1. Close the window fully.
2. Release the switch, then lift it to the close
position and hold for two seconds.
3. Open the window fully.
4. Release the switch, then push it to the
open position and hold for two seconds.
5. Lift and release the switch to operate the
one-shot function.
6. Repeat the procedure on each window.

Of course this should had been done by the dealer before giving the car to the me, but - ... OK, he actually didn't.

I don't know if this procedure is described in every country version of the XF manual (I didn'd found it in the german version e.g.), also I would not have expected that this could be the reason for the "no-function" of the comfort function.

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Err, perhaps I won't bother... :eek:
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