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Hi all,
Newbie owner of a 2011 XF but almost wasn't! Saw on Ebay from 2nd hand dealer. Full Jaguar main dealer history all the way to 93000 miles with currently 103000 miles, 2 owners.
Asķed the questions - Any paint? Cambelt done? Response was 'car immaculate' and 'cambelt replaced'. Duly viewed, impressed and did the deal. Checking through history noticed every service, brake pad and fault done at Jaguar and included the invoice.....apart from cambelt? Just a sticker and a stamp in the book, no invoice? Ad also stated it was a part ex at Haliwell Jones...
Luckily previous owners email was on one of the receipts and after a quick email it turns out he never had the cambelt done even though the stamp and sticker were dated 12 months before he sold the car......and he sold it to Webuyanycar 4 weeks previous!!??o_O
A quick look on Ebay and you can buy the exact sticker that was in my service book, £2.00 for 10. Even dealer stamps with the correct address are on there!
Needless to say between Webuyanycar and myself somoene has been a naughty boy! After contacting dealer he offered to have the car back (2nd hand car dealer offereing to take car back!?! - He knew this was serious!) but after speaking with the owner he said in the 4 years he had it only issue apart from servicing was a faulty fuel sensor - had been a very reliable car. He did also say he had the front bumper repaced due to a minor prang. However, I couldn't tell so all was good there.
Offered a deal to the dealer - if he gave me £1000 back I would get the cambelt done with spare cash to spare.
Pleased to say he agreed and i am now the proud owner of a Jag XF.
Gave a good interior clean the other day and found a windscreen sticker "XFForum" so the previous owner may have been a member here!:)
So a word of warning - these stickers in service books mean bugger all. Invoices are what you need(y)

Anyway, pleased to be here all....
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