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How's everybody doing? Haven't been here for ages...

Believe that my jag is the first xf in history to have this issue...

driver's side, rear caliper came so loose that when stooped at traffic lights and applied hand brake, when pulling of it broke slider and got stuck between disc brake and rim. All i could hear was big bang and then scratching noise - caliper on rim. Stopped immediately after leaving junction.

  • cracked rim - crack itself is reparable, but groove made by caliper, not big, but big enough to give concern over integrity of the rim - new wheel required
  • broken slider
  • damaged caliper
  • damaged brake fluid pipe

Garage i took car in (indy jag specialist) never seen it before.
After inspection there where only two screwes - one holding slider and second for caliper, broken off, found it at lights it all happen.

Can't get my head around it, how two screwes could came so loose and missing? I guess next time you are visiting garage, just tell them to check brake assemblies...

Only 'good' thing from it is new wheel is different color, so will have to refurbish other 3 (needed anyway) to match colour scheme ;)

Now question...jag is ultimate black with silver dracos. What will look better?
Staying silver
black with diamond cut on outside diameter only?

Sorry for long read
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