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After 5,000 Kms mainly on highways, I had a scare yesterday. I left my XF in the rain all day and decided to finally take it down the ramp into my garage; I was probably doing 5km an hour and slightly touched the brakes going down the ramp and the car started making this horrible crunching sound, like ABS being activated at top speeds...
I called my friendly dealer (he really loves me since I gave him a tape of an Indian imitating an F1 when the Tata deal was announced!) and he immediately checked the car out. Nothing to worry about and the car no longer makes this noise.
But the explanation floored me and is indicative of how electronics have moved into cars... (where are the days when I was learning to drive in a Bristol 409 where all you needed was a screw driver...): the "transponder which activates the ABS pump is programmed in such a manner that the pressure of the pump actually changes after the first 1,000Kms once the brakes are broken in (this happened either because I mainly drive on highways and hardly brake - well sometimes - or the transponder was badly programmed). In this case, the program change occurred after the first 1K Kms and caused abnormal pressures. It has been reprogrammed". Good news is that all this was done in less than an hour.

I love the car = but still have not sold the old S Type which I love to look at (driving it, though, is not as much fun as the XF...)
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