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Who has done this before bought a brand new car off a brochure ?

I saw the XF as a concept in the press when it was launched in Chicago in February 2007, it looked stunning. So I decided in Nov 2007 to place my order for a 2.7 Lux off a brochure, and never got to test drive or sat in a XF till two weeks before delivery on the 11 April.

Well I should not have worried apart from the dealer delivery the car to the wrong location, ie 100 miles from the office I said I was at, and it snowed so it was covered in road salt it was not till the following Monday when I was able to get it valeted to see what a great car I was driving.

It has to be one of the greatest drives I have had and goes way beyond my previous car the 2.7 E class that I had for 4 years and 100,000 miles.
With over 3500 miles covered in the last 2 months in the XF it has gone well apart from a small rattle in the dash board.

Apart from it going to the garage because I had a new blue tooth phone that would not dock, they had the car back for the day to get the latest down loads on, it was sorted. it has done nothing but make me smile as I cross the drive to go to work. DAB radio with Planet Rock is a must on the option list.

Well done Jaguar its the first one I have owned.
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