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within 2 weeks of ownership :eek:

nothing major though, just a few niggly faults.

fuel filler flap is now sorted (the service lass tells me there is a fix out - time will tell i guess)
drivers side courtesy lamp doesn't come on by itself anymore.
and i'm not getting a pedestrian system warning now they've replaced the sensors

service from the dealer has been excellent. car went to them thursday, and they kept it overnight waiting for the parts. they phoned yesterday morning to tell me Jag had sent the wrong sensor, which left me a minor headache as the courtesy Volvo wasn't compatible with my kiddy seat. explained that to them, and got a call 3 hours later to tell me all was sorted as they'd nicked some sensors off a car in the compound :D

i'm still a happy chappy. done about 700 miles in the last 2 weeks including a 500mile round trip to my parents home in Ireland, and the car has been superb :)
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